Married to my wife for 38 years, Rita has always been my joy and my best cheerleader.  I can tell you I definitely "married up".  We have raised 3 children now married, who have made us proud parents and grandparents.  The joy of being grandparents is beyond anything we could imagine. Who knew being DeDe and Pop would be so much fun! Their smiles and hugs simply melt our hearts

A Little Bit of My Story. I moved to Austin, Texas in August 1979 to take a sales position in the building supplies industry.  I worked my way up to become the Residential Sales Manager responsible for multiple key customer accounts and overseeing several sales teams.  I was honored to be included in the Presidents Club a number of years having exceeded established sales goals. For year’s my wife and I dreamed about working together in a business of our own so we could have more quality-time with our kids. In 1990, we settled on the computer consumables industry which was a new niche market. Over the years we added office supply, print and promotional products to meet our customers needs. After 21 years in business we had grown into a multi-million dollar a year company.  We enjoyed caring for our customers so much that “work” was not work but actually fun.  It was our passion….and is still today. Realizing our adult children had no interest in taking on the family business we sold our company.  After a brief retirement, we decided to get back in the business since so many of our customers continued to come to us for help with print and promotional items. So much for retirement…and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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